Jerry from Waupaca awarded $44,513*... Michael from Neenah awarded $60,000*... Jerry from Somers awarded $40,500*... Kathleen from Athens awarded $30,000*... Rolf from Stoughton awarded $35,000*... Charles from Menasha awarded $29,500*... Linda from Black River Falls awarded $24,500*... Charles from Freedom awarded $21,500*... Jerome from Menominee awarded $21,500*... Thomas from Amherst awarded $55,000*... Jerry from Durand awarded $29,000*... Michael from Oshkosh awarded $33,000*... Charles from New London awarded $22,500*... Stephen from Wauwatsoa awarded $16,250*... Steven from Lavalle awarded $27,000*... Richard from Saxon awarded $27,500*... Peter from Marinette awarded $29,000*... Kevin from Omro awarded $45,000*... Kranski from Black Creek WI awarded $26,773.13*... Garry from Edgar awarded $26,773.13*... Daniel from Appleton awarded $19,596.60*... Michael from Neenah awarded $47,619.00*... Jerry from Waupaca awarded $35,610.62*... Brian from Wausau awarded $12,430.00*... Roger from Green Bay awarded $14,397.00*... Belinda from Milwaukee awarded $10,030.00*... Ronald from Fond du Lac awarded $14,755.00... Richard from Kewaskum awarded $15,153.07... Marcel from Beaver Dam awarded $12,931.50... Gail from Prarie du Sac awarded $9,580.00... Richard from Antigo awarded $18,030.00*... Nadine from Wausau awarded $7,597.00*... Daniel from New Holstein awarded $14,000*... Shirley from Oshkosh awarded $18,000*... Robert from Fond du Lac awarded $15,000*... Kenneth from Milwaukee awarded $10,000*... *Not all claims qualify. Award amounts vary on a case-by-case basis.
Hearing loss myths and facts
Hearing loss myths and facts

There are a lot of misconceptions nowadays about hearing loss. Information that passes as knowledge most times is either incorrect or outdated. Before taking any action in case of hearing loss and its treatments for your loved ones, it is necessary that you know the truth behind these myths.

Hearing loss myths and facts
Myth: Hearing loss is prevalent among old people
Fact: According to a recent study carried out among Americans, it was observed that only 35% of people older than 64 years suffer from hearing loss. While this seems like a high percentage, it was observed that up to six million people in the age bracket of 18 and 64 have hearing loss. More than one million of these people are still in school. These statistics put to bed the myth that hearing loss affects only a certain age group.

Myth: I would be the first to know if I have hearing loss
Fact: Very often hearing loss is unnoticeable in the early stages. We often compensate for this deficiency as humans, not realizing that we are missing important information. Your peers might not want to embarrass you by letting you know about your hearing loss. There is a high percentage that you are suffering from hearing loss if you find it difficult to hear what your female friends and children are saying. Both sets of the divide make more than 50% of the population, so there is a high percentage that you have hearing loss.

Myth: I will be notified by my doctor if I have hearing loss
Fact: A few percentages of physicians screen their patients for hearing loss. It is difficult, if not almost impossible to notice any form of hearing loss when you are communicating with your doctor in his office. The environment is often a quiet one; this will make it hard to recognize the extent of your hearing problem. Adults above the age of 50 are advised to carry out periodical hearing screening, especially if there is a medical or family history that indicates an incidence of hearing loss.

Myth: I am old, so my hearing loss is normal
Fact: Whether you are old or young, having hearing loss is not normal. The analogy of this assertion is like telling an overweight person to continue with his unhealthy lifestyle, and it is normal to be susceptible to high blood pressure. Every case of hearing loss in any age group must be properly diagnosed and treated.

Myth: My hearing aid makes me look handicapped and incompetent
Fact:  With a hearing aid, you are able to communicate properly with your peers and remove the stigma of not being able to keep up communication. Manufacturers of hearing aids are smart and are aware of the need to make them conspicuous. Research on the importance of cosmetics for hearing aids while manufacturing them has made them virtually unseen.

Myth: Hearing loss can’t be cured
Fact: The myth that some hearing loss cannot be treated might hold water a long time ago. With the advancement in hearing aid technology, 90% of hearing loss today responds very well to hearing aids. Recently, research in computer-aided digital technology has yielded the use of Bluetooth like wireless devices. Processors in these devices are used to process both the speech and noise mechanism that aids hearing in the latest hearing aid devices.

Myth: I can live with my hearing loss, it is not that bad
Fact: People will eventually notice that you have hearing loss when your response is not in accordance with what you are asked, you are asking people to repeat what they just said, or missing some key points from a conversation.  Even a simple case of hearing loss can lead to frustration and exhaustion. If left untreated, hearing loss can lead to depression, anxiety, dementia, and withdrawal from your normal way of life.

Myth: Being hearing impaired just means that sounds are not loud enough
Fact: Some people suffering from hearing impairment, believe that hearing is only about how loud a sound is. This is totally not true as a hearing loss also deals with the frequency of the sound, that is, its pitch.  A hearing aid does not only amplify the incoming sounds to your ear, but it does this selectively.

Myth: Good hearing aids are expensive
Fact: No price can be placed on living a quality life. Most of the good hearing aids are within the reach of most people, the question is how much they value their health. A decision has to be made whether the price of the hearing aid technology outweigh its benefits or not. Compare to treating other health problems, hearing aids are inexpensive.

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