Hearing Loss Workers Compensation

Few people know that hearing loss workers compensation benefits exist for Wisconsin workers. Hearing loss workers compensation benefits exist, just as there are for an injured arm, leg or back. Thirty years ago, Johnson Law Offices designed a legal services program to assist Wisconsin workers to claim benefits for their hearing loss and get hearing aids.

This is a fairly quick and painless process for hearing impaired workers and the Wisconsin hearing aid dispensers that assist them. Johnson Law Offices does all the paperwork, coordination and negotiation (working closely with the client who makes the final decisions on settlement or trial). More than 95% of the hearing loss workers compensation claims settle by compromise. Fees and costs to the client are contingent upon recovery. No recovery means no fees or costs to you. 

Johnson Law Offices Facts

  • Practicing Workers Comp Law Since 1983
  • 100% Focused On Hearing Loss Workers Compensation
  • Helped 1000’s Of WI Workers Receive Benefits
  • Over 95% Of All Claims Filed Receive Compensation
  • Avg. Payment Ranges From $7,500 To $15,000 & more!
  • State Law Caps Awards At $69,552, plus hearing aids*

About Johnson Law

Attorney Douglas Johnson graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1977. He began working in the Wisconsin State Legislature in 1972. He left in 1977 to represent the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals.

Doug continues to serve as its Executive Director and General Counsel. Since 1977, the Wisconsin Alliance has gained national recognition for its commitment to serving the hearing impaired and the health care professionals who serve them. It is called “The Wisconsin Model”.

Doug brought his commitment to serving the hearing impaired to his law practice. He founded Johnson Law Offices upon graduating from law school in 1977. In 1983, Johnson Law Offices developed a statewide practice helping hearing impaired workers get hearing aids and disability payments for hearing loss through Wisconsin’s workers compensation program.

Always feel free to ask Johnson Law Offices about the process, the law or your case. The legal, medical, audiological and audio-metric questions that come into play in a workers compensation hearing loss claim are complicated. The claims require attention to detail mixed with an ability to work well with hearing impaired workers and their families, especially spouses, and their hearing health care professionals.
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